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Company NameShenzhen KaiXiangHua industrial co., LTD
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Product Description

Product name: 360 degrees of high-power radio/video conference omnidirectional microphone


Product brand: casonwa


Product model: USB - 603 - s


Product weight: 650 g


Product size: 352 x 340 x 64 mm


Radio radius: 6 m (fit within 70 square conference room)


Manufacturer: shenzhen KaiXiangHua industrial co., LTD

USB - 603 - s video conference omnidirectional microphone using USB drive free design, built-in power level HIFI sound speaker, with the most elected to 256 ms echo elimination algorithm, built-in voice automatic gain balance (ALC), whether the speaker from near and far are picking up to the sound is very clear. Built-in 3 star to high sensitivity of double capacitive microphone, within 20-60 square metre radio no dead Angle, one person can walk freely in the meeting, many people meeting, everyone can be at ease in his position, don't need to be especially close or mobile omnidirectional microphone. Suitable for all kinds of video conference and instant messaging software, plug and play.

A built-in 3.5 mm phone audio interface, mobile phone can be connected to the SST - X3, very convenient for conference call; And possess HIFI music function, presses the button, HIFI speakers instantly switch to 48 KHZ mode, make music reduction more real.

USB - 603 - s omnidirectional microphone is a video meeting to provide software video conference and VOIP design of high-quality speakerphone. Built-in high-performance smart DSP chip, into and out of the audio directly on a chip for high speed processing, not only can effectively block noise, eliminate echo, high-speed processing high quality 16 k - 24 k audio sampling, calculation, make software video conference application can get the clear voice communication quality.


High quality original sounds true

Talk like face-to-face communication, people or more than three parties meeting, can know who speaks clearly, don't need to speak every time to quote your name, make the meeting more smoothly.



Instant communication zero distance, high efficiency


The standard 3 m USB audio cables at a high speed

Avoid driving sound card, plug and play.

The ideal group meeting, free Internet access service calls and music appreciation.

Fully double union all words, clear voice, built-in omnidirectional microphone, effective diameter 6 ~ 12 m.

Hi - Fi amplifier and high quality of the bass speaker.

Advanced DSP echo cancellation technology, processing to reduce the noise of the echo.

Adjustable volume.

The ideal remote voice equipment, composed, atmosphere.

Compatible with USB 1.0 & 2.0, have driven design

USB - 603 - s


The keys


The microphone mute


The volume control key


Trumpet mute


HIFI music mode


The LED light


Blue light said standby and calling patterns


Blue light and red light flashing said the microphone mute mode


Entertaining diversions said into the HIFI music mode


Blue lights flash speaker mute mode


The red light keep normally on said into the phone model


The voice function


The speaker sampling frequency: 24 KHZ, 48 KHZ


The microphone sampling frequency: 16 KHZ


Hardware specifications


Double capacitance single points to the microphone


4 Ω 8 w speaker


USB bus power supply (DC 5 v / 500 ma) 3 meters


3.5 audio input (external microphone)


3.5 audio output (external speakers)


3.5 audio input/output (mobile phone interface)


Electrical specifications


Operating voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V


The microphone


Three pairs of capacitance type single point


Sensitivity: 40 + / - 3 dB


Frequency: 100 ~ 10000 Hz


Output impedance: 2.2 K or less Ω


58 db SNR: p


The loudest level: 115 db


The maximum current consumption: 0.5 mA or less


The echo offset


Maximum 256 ms


Reverberation time


< 0.5 S


Product noise


The < 48 dba


Audio processing




System environment


Windows 7 / vista/xp / 2000 / Mac10.5 / Android


Network real-time communication software skype tencent QQ, MSN, UC, conferencing software, etc


Broadband Internet environment (ADSL or Cable Modem... etc.)


Working humidity


- 20-90%


The environment temperature


- 40-70 ℃, 0-95% RH


Size of the host


325 x 340 x 64 mm


Packing size


400 x 347 x 94 mm


The weight of the


680 g / 680 g () before and after packaging

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